Custom Influencer Boxes

Influencer boxes (or PR boxes) are a proven way to generate feedback, reviews, coverage and active promotion of your products. Customising a box with your branding and designing it to fit your product is a great way to make it stand out from the crowd.

The Problem With Buying Influencer Boxes...

One of the biggest headaches people have when it comes to commissioning custom PR boxes is that campaigns are often designed to target only 50 - 100 people. And there aren't that many printing companies who are willing to produce that (relatively low) number of boxes for a sensible price.

We are not one of those companies! 

Custom Size Influencer Boxes

When it comes to trying to impress influencers with your products, it's not enough to simply pop them in a jiffy bag and mail them out.

If you're not already aware, unboxing videos have been growing in popularity for years now. And their popularity is evidence that good packaging is a key ingredient when it comes to wowing people with your products.

Can you imagine one of the top influencers in your industry filming themselves ripping open a padded envelope to reveal your lovingly crafted product?

Didn't think so...

Manufacturing a custom size for your influencer PR boxes isn't just going to look more professional. It's going to help the influencer incorporate the unboxing into their spiel. It's another opportunity to show off everything you've got.

Add to that, a custom box is going to fit your product better than an off the shelf box. It presents it better and protects it in transit, especially if you have also commissioned a custom insert.

Custom Printed Influencer Boxes

If you've commissioned a custom size, you don't necessarily need to go on and add custom print to the box. However, most of our customers will take this step for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the extra cost of printing onto a custom PR box is relatively negligible. If you've gone to the effort of investing in a bespoke size, then investing a bit extra in bespoke print gets you a lot more bang for your buck.

Secondly, a custom printed PR box is just that much more professional. It shows you've gone to the extra effort and that can count for a lot in influencer marketing, where stronger relationships often translate into more, better exposure.

Finally, custom printing is an opportunity to really push across your message. Got any hashtags associated with your campaign? Add them to the inside of the box! Use the space on the box to support your influencers; whether that's talking points during the unboxing or private instructions under the hood...

Custom Printed Influencer Boxes with Logo

At the end of the day, even if all you do is slap your logo on, you've going to be sending out a really nice PR box that should impress both your influencers and their audiences.

What Style of Box to Choose?

The most common design for a customer mailer box is the 0427 layout (it's an industry standard from FEFCO). It is best described as a box with "ears" that tuck in to close the box.

Another popular layout is the 0426 style which is more like a pizza box. Instead of the lip folding over the front of the box (as with 0427), the front lip tucks inside the front of the box and there are no "ear flaps".

All the influencer PR boxes we make are 0427 style by default. However, we can manufacture any of the FEFCO styles on request.

What Sort of Closure to Use?

You wouldn't necessarily have considered different closing mechanisms but they can add plenty of pizzazz without adding a great deal of cost. So it's worth thinking about. 

Stickering with a nice branded sticker is a fairly simple yet elegant solution.

Closing with magnets or velcro can create a very pleasant tactile experience that may play well with your audience.

How Much Do Custom PR Boxes Cost?

Unfortunately this is very much a "how long is a piece of string" question. For a few dozen boxes that are really large, with elaborate inserts and lined with specialist paper, you might be looking at £50/box! Not cheap. But it all depends what you're pushing and to whom.

More commonly, we might see a customer ordering 100-200 custom influencer boxes without an insert. Fully printed on both sides. Depending on the size you might be looking more at £10-£12 per box.

And then for the smallest boxes with single-sided print at higher volumes, there's a good chance you might hit the £2-£3/box range.