Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom Mailer Boxes No Minimum

When it comes to bespoke postal boxes, it's often hard to find manufacturers who have no minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Here are Cardworks we take the view that short run work is interesting, variable and offers great customer service. For that reason we are happy to produce bespoke postal boxes even at low volumes.

Be aware, however, that the lower the volume, the higher the price per box will be.

For this reason, our customers tend to only buy short run mailer boxes when they need to make a really positive impression. They work especially well for high-margin luxury packing boxes, influencer boxes or welcome boxes for HR department.

Custom Mailer Boxes with Inserts

Sometimes you just want a plain or printed postal box; simple, no frills. Other times you might want an insert. That can be because you are regularly shipping the same items.

For example, we produce "point of sale packs" that manufacturers can send out to new independent accounts that they win. Making sure that each of the items is displayed attractively inside the mailer box creates a very professional impression.

It also prevents any of the items (especially the heavier items) from moving around in transit and either damaging the box, damaging any of the other bits and pieces or getting damaged itself.

Custom Mailer Boxes with Logo

Sometimes customers just want a custom mailer box with their logo on it. In this case it is often most economical to print the logo direct to the cardboard.

This doesn't give the most luxurious finish. But for shipping lower margin products when it's less important to provide a wow factor, it is a perfectly acceptable solution.