Bespoke Retail Packaging

Card Engineeed Packaging is packaging which has been specially designed here at Cardworks to suit a customer's exact specification.

Using our computer aided design system we can modify standard carton designs or create completely new ideas. Our cutting plotter can plot and cut out samples from corrugated board as well as standard carton board, which means you can see exactly what you are getting before we start the job.

Many customers are looking for unusual ways and styles for packaging or holding a product. Often we use a standard style pack and have to create a special insert to hold the product in place within the pack. Using card often makes for cheaper origination costs and more environmentally friendly packaging.

We take into account the shelf space, durability needed, amount of time and cost involved in packing the product, all to achieve the target price required. Sometimes it is a bit more expensive to produce an interesting shape or style of pack, but can produce a product with a much higher perceived value.

If you need the complete service we can package the product for you ready to ship for your retailer. Our friendly and efficient sales team will help in any way they can.
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01344 450333 or e-mail