Custom Printed Cardboard Dump Bins

At Cardworks we specialise is short run, bespoke cardboard point of sale and packaging. Which means if you want any custom cardboard dump bins, we can help!

And because we have no minimum order quantities, rapid prototyping and fast turnaround times, it's little wonder our customers keep coming back to us for more.

You can choose from one of our existing templates or go totally bespoke. Whether you want:

  • Retail Dump Bins to encourage impulse purchases, or push end-of-line items, or promotions or seasonal items
  • Magazine & Newspaper Dump Bins to help distribute leaflets, booklet, magazines, newspapers or other printed literature
  • Clothes Donation Bins to collect clothes for charity
  • Cardboard Recycling Bins like the paper recycling bins you often see in offices

Or any sort of custom cardboard dump bin... We will help you design, prototype, pack and fulfil. Get in touch today to discuss a project.

Dump Bin Designs, Shapes & Sizes

Square dump bins are the most basic dump bin designs. Often these can be combined with a pallet and the dump bin is more of a wrap with the product packed onto the pallet. This sort of design is especially common in places like B&Q, Costco and garden centres.

Hexagonal dump bins (or hex bins) are a very popular shape with brands on promotion because their less regular shape is more eye-catching. They also have a smaller footprint on the shop floor which makes the retailers happy because floor space is at such a premium.

With more of a "pallet wrap style" dump bin you may not have an internal base at all. But most dump have some sort of internal plinth that raises the products up off the floor and saves customers from having to bend down too much.

Options for Branding

Headers are probably the most common way of drawing attention to a dump bin. Headers can be quite flexible in design. They can be made tall or wide or irregular shapes. They can also be fixed or interchangeable.

The base of cardboard dump bins can also obviously be printed with custom designs and messaging. As well as graphics we recommend using clear calls to action to encourage people to make a purchase.

It is also possible with some designs to utilise a hanging sign or hanging panel. For example, if the dump bin was going to be used for different products or even completely different brands, the dump bin could be printed a single colour and the branding communicated through interchangeable headers and/or hanging signs.

As mentioned above, if the products are to be stacked on a pallet then the branding might come in the form of a printed border. This is usually called a pallet wrap, though some people think of them as dump bins.

Ordering Custom Printed Cardboard Dump Bins from Cardworks


You can choose from our existing range of dump bins or you can work with us to design your own custom dump bin.

The advantages of working with one of our existing designs is that we can quote really quickly and, because we already have all the cutting formes for die cutting, we can make them faster and cheaper than with a custom design.

The advantage of designing a custom cardboard dump bin is that you get exactly what you want. In this situation we create custom drawings based on your 3D specifications and give you indicative pricing. 

Sometimes it might be possible to mix an existing product with come customisation. For example, if you like the shape and size of a dump bin base but wanted a bespoke header.


If our quote is acceptable, it is quite common for our customers to request samples. These can be printed or unprinted.

We usually prefer to go down the route of unprinted samples so that customers can test the technical spec with their products. For example, ensuring that the dump bins have the right size and weight capacities.

Sometimes fully printed samples are necessary. For example, if a customer is working with a multiple retailer and the buyer has requested to see a fully printed cardboard dump bin before committing to a promotion. Or if a customer is presenting at an agent's day or a meet-the-buyer and wants to demonstrate what PoS is on offer IF a listing is forthcoming.


Our process is typically to print and laminate sheets of paper and then mount those sheets to B flute or EB flute corrugate (depending on the size of the final unit as well as the weight capacity required).

The corrugate is then cut to shape. For very small runs we will cut this using our CAD plotter. But for most runs we will die cut to shape. If we are working with an existing design then we will already have the cutting formes required for die cutting (which means you won't have to pay an origination charge). For bespoke dump bins we will first have to manufacture cutting formes (which usually add a week to our turnaround times as well as adding extra cost to the order).

Finally, we will glue all the sheets together so that each unit is easy to assemble.


We usually supply our dump bins flat. Depending on the volume we will send them on a pallet or in a bespoke outer (usually a carboard "wallet" or a box).

Most customers opt for delivery to a single address.

However, some customers prefer us to pack the dump bins separately and send them direct to the retailer's stores. (This can save significant time for our customers but it does come with an additional charge, so please specify that you would like this when discussing an order with us).


All our dump bins will be fulfilled glued. We usually supply them flat as this saves on shipping.

Occasionally our customers request for their dump bins to be supplied assembled, especially if a retailer has requested the dump bins to be supplied assembled and containing product.

As you can imagine, it isn't possible to fit very many assembled dump bins onto a pallet so shipping costs can be quite punchy if this option is chosen.

Turnaround Times

We usually work on a 10-15 working day turnaround time from digital proofs being approved. This can vary depending on the size of the order, whether or not we need to make custom cutting formes, and the volume of work currently in the factory.

Rest assured, we will work as quickly as we possibly can to deliver your order.

Sustainability & Environment

All our paper and cardboard is minimum FSC Certified 70% Mix which means 70% of the materials are either recycled or come from FSC certified sources, with the remaining 30% guaranteed not come from other non-harmful sources.


How Durable Are Cardboard Dump Bins?

Our custom cardboard dump bins usually last 3-6 months before starting to look a bit worn, although that depends on a number of factors including how often the unit is touched, bumped into etc. This makes them great option for promotions that will run for a few weeks or months.

What Are Dump Bins Made Of?

Dump bins can be made of lots of different material. We specialise in cardboard dump bins but you can also buy wire dump bins (often made from zinc) and plastic dump bins (often made from correx). Wire dump bins can be very useful as permanent installations and correx dump bins can be useful if they are likely to get wet.

Where Should You Position Retail Dump Bins?

Retail dump bins tend to be placed anywhere there's foot traffic. Usually you find dump bins at the end of aisles, near checkouts or anywhere there's free floor space.