Bespoke Counter Display Units

Bespoke Counter Display Unit Designs

At Cardworks we design and make all the Counter display units and Point of Sale (POS) at our factory in Bracknell. Our method of printing is different to our competitors, we print digitally in high resolution onto paper, then add a high quality laminate before mounting to card.

The resulting high quality units never fail to impress retail buyers, and are all but guaranteed to catch the eye of customers.

What Happens After You Enquire About a Counter Display Unit?

If you are interested in buying some counter display units from us, what happens next depends on whether you are looking at an existing design or if you want your own bespoke counter display unit.

For existing designs the process is super simple:

  1. Tell us which design you want and how many you'd like us to quote.
  2. We will send you prices.
  3. If you are happy with the prices, we'll send over the template.
  4. You send us back your artwork.

For custom designed CDUs the process is longer (but not complicated!):

  1. Tell us what you want (for example, tell us your product dimensions and how many you'd like to fit in a unit).
  2. We will create Designs on our special POS CAD System and price up an estimate.
  3. If you are happy with the price, we can then make up a sample for you (either plain or printed).
  4. If you are happy with the sample we will send you a template for your artwork. If you want any changes to the design we can make them and re-price the job (usually there's no difference in price for small tweaks).
  5. You send us back your artwork and we'll get started on your order!

When designing your CDU, we will discuss with you and take into account the shelf space, durability needed, amount of time and cost involved in packing the product into the trays, all to achieve the target price required.

The key to sales is the perceived value of the product, the counter display unit can make a big difference to how your product is viewed, a plain cheap looking display will sometimes work with a fast-moving low cost product, but a high value item will need a good display and header card to show the value of the item you are selling. We also like to cut some shapes into the headers to give a more eye-catching look.

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Types of Counter Display Units
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Display Shippers

These types of unit will hold several of the product and can be used in transit, the sides and front tear away when the product is put on display, the top lid usually folds back to create the header card. this type of unit is great for lower value products and where you are happy for the box to be disposed of when empty.

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Angled Tray CDUs

These usually have a higher back than front and the card on the panels folds over to give a double side and front wall, the header fits into a slot at the top of the unit. The general perception of these is that they are for higher quality products and are designed to be refilled. We have customers who send these out prepacked in outers and then sell a similar amount in plain carton for the refill. Though the unit may be a little more expensive in the first place it will generally make your product look better and last longer on the shelf.

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Multi-Tiered CDUs

Normally much higher at the back and with tiered inserts to hold your product, we can print the insert if required however most clients have a plain white insert as the insert is only seen if the tray is empty. The insert can have dividers across the width as well as the shelfs or tiers.

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Hanging Display Units

We have a range of Hanging CDU’s and are able to create them to suit your product. This is an effective alternative way to display products, a tall unit will show your product if it is in Blister card or hanging carton form.

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Charity Badge and other collection CDUs

We have several designs already but can make to your requirements with either a built in money box or a removable one we can punch holes in the side at the back to cable tie the unit to the counter to help stop stealing of the box.

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Bulk Dispensing Units

These work with small bagged product which can sit in a large box the bottom front face has a pull out Shute which the product can be taken from.

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CDU Trays With Die Cut Inserts

These work best with small cylindrical shapes such as Lip Balm or small glass bottles. We can make the unit open out and display a header so it can be sent out ready to open and display.

Cardboard Counter Display Unit with Header

Getting creative with a header can massively improve the visibility of your counter display unit. Unlike the unit itself (which is constrained by the products it holds), you can go hog-wild with the header.

Custom shapes are a great way to stand out from the crowd because the eye is naturally drawn to irregularity. Similarly, headers are a blank space for custom graphics, messaging and calls-to-action.

So sure! You can use a header to slap on your logo. But going the extra mile could really see your rate of sale sky-rocket!