Pizza Style Packaging Boxes – Pizza Box

There are several types of Pizza style boxes each design is known by its FEFCO Code No-0427 Style have ears that tuck in the side of the box for security  0426 Style that your Pizza would come in has a double flap at the front 0421 Style Like a chocolate box, can have a seal and tear off strip for postal security

Materials: Microflute Approx. 1.1mm thick E Flute Approx. 1.5mm Thick and B Flute Approx. 2.5mm thick  -  Finishes Plain White, Brown Kraft, or Brown Testliner Finish -  Fully printed and laminated one or both sides  -  Inserts to keep products in place if required  -  These Boxes are sturdy for packing and posting your product  -  Good for high tech - high quality – High Value Products  -  also re-usable storage of your product 

All products manufactured in our factory in Bracknell, Berkshire UK

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