Iron Man Mask Colourised

Iron Man Mask Colourised

 The studio has finally completed the Mk. 42 Helmet from the Iron Man Franchise!

The way we got the colour onto our template was to first create a Design for the template which replicated the masks colour scheme, Then we printed the template using the Vortex printer (Our Vortex Printer prints at the rate of 1 mtr every 4 seconds 1067 wide. 1600 x 1600 DPI)

Once the prints had been checked for any imperfection we had them Thermal Laminated. (Our laminator is a wide format 1100mm wide thermal Laminator as far as we know the only one of its kind in UK, allows us to apply laminate at a much higher speed on wide format sheets).

We then began to mount the sheets using our whole surface gluers for mounting onto a piece of scrap B-Flute corrugated cardboard (Our whole surface gluers are for mounting prints to solid grey board or corrugated boards up to BC Flute. We can also mount solid litho printed board back to back for leaflet dispensers and hanging displays).

We are now ready to cut out the design on our Plotter, the plotter will be using an oscillating blade to precisely cut out a template which we sent over from our CAD software (Our CAD Plotter is used for short runs avoiding the need for cutting forms).

A little hot melt glue and some skilled hand work from our studio and we're done! 

We would love to know what you think? 

Cardworks Team

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